Radiant Action & Radiant Companion by Matt Hart

review by Lynn Houston


(H_NGM_N Books, 2016)



(Monster House Press, 2016)

“I have only my love / to recommend it beyond what it already is.”
(Matt Hart, “Breaking Spring,” Radiant Companion)

By now, one of your friends has shared a social media meme with lines from the Leonard Cohen song “Anthem” that goes like this: “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

The poems in Matt Hart’s latest two collections, Radiant Action (H_NGM_N Books) and Radiant Companion (Monster House Press), crack open language and spill light on the page. They radiate a galactic sense of warmth and well-being in response to the ever-fucked-up-ness of the world. And aren’t we hungry for art that reacts to hate and violence with love and light? Radiant Action and Radiant Companion are this historical moment’s necessary carnal communion, songs of self that blossom into melodies of every body: “this body—mine and yours, which is the same body” (68 RC); “My veins with your veins, my noise with your noise” (81 RC). Continue reading